Sunday, October 21, 2012

What does your name mean?

Ever wonder the meaning of your name? I've Googled my name before and its said that my name (Olivia) means leader of the elfs, elf army, and little elf. I just have to laugh at that because I am very short- like an elf! ;) But my names actual biblical meaning is 'peacemaker'. My family has several books about names. How about checking out a book at the library to find out what your name means? Comment and tell me about your name if you want.

It was my fifteenth birthday on Thursday! Me and my family went to Madison, shopped, shopped, ate, and shopped some more. I got several dresses from Forever 21 (you might be seeing a dress post soon lol) those baller headphones ^ sparkly toms, jewelry, n me and Elisabeth (my ADORABLE little sister) got our nails done. Oh, I saved the best for last, I got tons of CANDY. 
^_^ Olivia Brooke Coon  ^_^

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  1. My friend Kellyn found these cool web sights that have really cool descriptions of your name.